Miguel Lopez-Guerrero

Ph.D. (uOttawa)
Research Professor

Short bio:

Dr. Lopez-Guerrero received his B.Sc. in Mechanical-Electrical Engineering in 1995 and his M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering in 1998, both from the National Autonomous University of Mexico. He received his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Ottawa in 2004 where he also held a posdoctoral fellowship. He is with Metropolitan Autonomous University (Mexico City).

Research interests:

  • Modeling and simulation of communication networks
  • Modeling applications of α-stable random variables
  • Wireless networks



  • Digital communications
  • Electric circuit theory
  • Electronics fundamentals
  • Information theory and coding
  • OpAmps and their applications
  • Performance evaluation
  • Power electronics
  • Pulse, digital and switching circuits
  • Telecommunication networks

Former and current students (degree, graduation year):

  • Plinio Reinaldo Noa Ramos (M.Sc., work in progress)
  • Carlos Alberto Pantle Pérez (M.Sc., work in progress)
  • Sergio Javier Álvarez (M.Sc., 2018)(Ph.D., work in progress)
  • María Esther Sosa Rodríguez (Ph.D., work in progress)
  • Juan Alberto Alcántara Sotelo (M.Sc., 2022)
  • Eduardo Andrés Marcelo (M.Sc., 2018) (Ph.D., work in progress)
  • Eric Márquez Solís (M.Sc., 2018)
  • Adán Geovanni Medrano Chávez (Ph.D., 2016)
  • Israel Hernández Merchand (M.Sc., 2011)
  • Pablo Damián Hernández Durán (M.Sc., 2010)
  • Martín García Hernández (M.Sc., 2008)
  • Luis Ángel Alarcón Ramos (M.Sc., 2007)
  • Moisés Quezada Naquid (M.Sc., 2007)

Recent professional activities (2010 to date):

I have served as a reviewer or member of the technical program committee for various international conferences including LatinCom (2018 and 2020), MobiWac (2017 and 2016), MSWIM (2015), SPECTS (2013), CIIECC (2013), VTC (2011), GLOBECOM (2011), WCNC (2011 and 2010), WiMob (2010) and AWSAN (2010). I have also been a reviewer for Revista UIS Ingenierías (2019), Latin America Transactions (2019), International Journal of Communication Systems (2018), International Journal of Electronics and Communications (2017), International Journal of Communication Systems (2016) and European Transactions on Telecommunications (2011). I was the General Co-Chair of the 13th ACM International Symposium on Mobility Management and Wireless Access (MobiWac'15).

Postal address and other contact information:

Dr. Miguel López Guerrero
UAM-I, Departamento de Ingeniería Eléctrica (T-163)
Av. San Rafael Atlixco 186
Col. Vicentina, CP 09340
Iztapalapa CDMX, MEXICO

Office: +52 (55) 5804-4600 ext. 1302
Email: m i l o @ x a n u m . u a m . m x

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